Powder Processing
Powder ProcessingPowder ProcessingPowder Processing

Powder Processing

Equipped with full range of grinding mills and powder processing techniques, Zhengyuan can deal with a wide range of powder processing businesses:

1. Non-metallic powder processing: like powder processing for kaolin, talcum powder, graphite, limestone, etc.
2. High hardness material powder processing: including grinding for silicon carbide, zirconia, boron carbide, alumina, etc.
3. Powder processing for chemical engineering industry: grinding for aluminum hydroxide, silica gel, wood flour and so on.
4. Powder processing for agrochemical manufacturing, like pesticide, herbicide and fungicide, etc.
5. For pharmaceutical industry and food industry: to produce green tea powder, red sage root powder, barley flour, nimodipine powder, etc.
6. For building material manufacturing industry: we have special grinding mills to produce superfine cement, fly ash, perlite and
7. Powder processing for iron oxide, chromium oxide, etc. to produce pigment and paint.
8. To produce metallic powders like zinc powder, aluminium powder, tin powder and copper powder, etc.
9. Powder processing for cobalt oxide, manganese dioxide, etc. in battery manufacturing industry.

Zhengyuan, as a grinding mill manufacturer and supplier, can provide not only wide range of mills, but also related services; welcome to cooperate with us.

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