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    1. Cyclonic Jet Mill - Zhengyuan LHC series cyclonic jet mills are suitable for crashing materials with wide range of size and the ...
    1. Cyclonic Jet Mill and Classifier - The functions of jet mills and classifiers are both available here. ...
    1. Fluidized Bed Jet Mill - LHL series fluidized bed jet mills are not only suitable for superfine comminution of low-melting-point and ...
    1. HE Fine Grinding Jet Mill HE Fine Grinding Jet Mill uses the airflow pulverization technology developed by our company.
    1. HS Steam Jet Mill The HS Steam Jet Mill uses superheated steam as the medium and supersonic ...
Jet Mill

Applications of Jet Mill:
Our Jet mills, which include cyclonic jet mill and fluidized bed jet mills, are extensively used for ultra-fine grinding of various particles, particle separating and particle shaping in the following industries: chemical engineering, mining, fire-resistance manufacturing, food and beverage production as well as metallurgic and porcelain manufacturing, etc.

Common Features of Zhengyuan Jet Mills:
Our cyclonic jet mills and fluidized bed jet mills have the following common features:
1. Higher production capacity with same energy consumption comparing with traditional air jet mills.
2. Our air classifier mills are equipped with self-diffluent classification system and are suitable for milling materials with narrow particle size distribution.
3. The classification impellers of our air pulverizers have longer service lives (5-8 times longer) comparing with normal horizontal and vertical type impellers.
4. Our powder grinding machines are not only suitable for producing ultra-fine particles, but also applicable for particle shaping and particle separating.
5. Closed type crashing for inflammable, explosive and easily oxidized substances is also available in our grinding mills; and during closed crashing process, inert gas is adopted as the medium and can be recycled used to reduce production cost.
6. Low temperature and medium-free milling for most materials; and our jet grinding mill is especially suitable for superfine comminution of low-melting-point and thermosensitive materials.
7. The milling chamber, designed with compact structure and polished walls, is easy to clean, so there are no remain materials in.
8. The whole milling process conforms to GMP standard.
9. Environmentally friendly: no dust pollution for negative pressure production environment.
10. Easy operation for LHC cyclonic jet mills for its auto operation and reliable performance.

Working Principle of Jet Mills: 
1. Material fluidizing: After cooling, filtering and drying, compressed air will be injected into milling chamber in supersonic speed through specific nozzles; thus the materials can be fluidized for the high speed jet stream.
2. Milling: In the milling chamber, the fluidized and accelerated materials will converge at the meeting point where several jet streams met with each other; thus those materials will collide with each other and finally result in ultra-fine particles.
3. Classification: And then produced ultra-fine particles, under the effect of upward airflow in milling chamber, will be conveyed to the impeller classification-section; and then the relatively coarse and fine particles will be separated from each other by the centrifugal force of impellers and the draught force of blowers. The relative coarse particles will naturally return to milling chamber for gravity; and the qualified fine particles will be connected by cyclone collectors equipped in our cyclonic jet mills.
Note: To better protect our environment and make full use of materials, produced supper-fine particles will be connected by bag collectors and filtered air will be discharged by draft fans.
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