Vortex Mill
Vortex Mill

Vortex Mill

Applications of Vortex Mill LHW:
Our vortex mills can be used for normal temperature pulverizing of thermosensitive materials, like PVA, PVC, PE, silica gel, magnesium metal, etc.
This powder grinding mill is also extensively used in industries like chemical engineering, plastic product manufacturing, non-metallic mines, non ferrous metal product manufacturing, etc.

Features of Vortex Mill LHW:
1. High wear-resistance wearing parts (blades, lining, etc.) guaranteed pollution-free material grinding.
2. Low noise and vibration:
  (1) equalization treatment is adopted for rotors in grinding chambers;
  (2) the machine frame is supported by anti-vibration pads.
3. Versatility: our super rotor mill is also suitable for pulverizing:
  (1) high water content materials;
  (2) combustible, explosive and easily oxidized substances under the help of inert gases.
  (3) high tenacity materials and fibre texture materials.
  (4) thermosensitive materials and materials with ultra-low melting point.
Additionally, our ultra rotor mill can also be used for powder scattering.
4. If equipped with air classifier, our vortex will be able to produce products in different fineness.
5. Low energy consumption and high production capacity.
6. The main machine could be matched with motors of different powers.
7. Automatic feed back control; simple operation, convenient maintenance and easy clean.

Working Principle of Vortex Mill LHW:
The rotor of this grinding mill is composed of several grinding disc and blades. While the rotor is rotating at extremely high speed, it realizes crushing and pulverizing for materials. And the air stream, which is generated for the high speed rotation of rotor, will also help crush and pulverize materials.

Parameters of Vortex Mill LHW:

Model \ Data LHW-500 LHW-1000 LHW-2000 LHW-3000
Power of rotor(kw) 45-55 75-90 132-160 220-250
Fineness(um) 5~400 5~400 5~400 5~400
Evaporative capacity(kg H2O/h) 80~120 200~300 500~1000 1000~2000
Capacity (kw) 0.1~1.2 0.2~2.5 0.5~5 1~10
Process Flow of Vortex Mill LHW:

Flow Chart I

1. Feeding system
2. Pulverizing system
3. Cyclonic collector

4. Bag collector
5. Induced draft fan

Flow Chart II

1. Feeding system
2. Pulverizing system
3. Screw conveyor for material feed back
4. Classification system

5. Cyclone dust collector
6. Pulsed dust collection
7. Induced draft fan

Flow Chart III

1. Air heating system
2. Material feeding system
3. Vortex mill (main machine)

4. Cyclonic collector
5. Pulsed dust collection
6. Air blower

Flow chart IV

1. Feeding system
2. Pulverizing system
3. Cyclonic collector

4. Bag collector
5. Screw conveyor
6. Induced draft fan
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