HS Steam Jet Mill
HS Steam Jet Mill

HS Steam Jet Mill

The HS Steam Jet Mill uses superheated steam as the medium and supersonic nozzles to accelerate the steam into a super high speed air stream, then the material is crushed under high speed motion and collision.

1. Compared to conventional jet mills, the impact force on particles of this equipment is increased by 4 times, but the energy consumption is only 1/5-1/8 of conventional equipment.
2. The classifier works in a high-temperature steam environment, the particle size cutting point of the classifying wheel is smaller than that in the air environment, and can produce directly the products of D50<1um.
3. The steam flow in the ultra-high temperature state is dry, which not only will not increase the moisture content of the material, but also has a material drying function.
4. Especially suitable for ultra-fine pulverization of high-viscosity materials. The finished products have poor electrostatic agglomeration and good dispersibility.
5. It can make full use of the unused or discharged low-grade superheated steam in electric heating plants and steel mills to achieve low-cost and large-scale ultra-fine powder processing.
6. High capacity, it can be used with large industrial boilers

Applicable materials: steel slag, water slag, fly ash, solid sulfur residue, kaolin, titanium dioxide, carbon black and other low-cost processing materials.

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